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Engineered Wood Flooring

YOU WILL NOT BETTER OUR PRICES. IF YOU CAN - LET US KNOW! But it must be the same specification. Our prices on engineered wood flooring are INCLUDING next day delivery all over the UK! We also offer expert advise with over 30 years experience.

In modern times engineered oak flooring is becoming increasingly popular due to its stability and cost. However there is so much to choose from its becoming more and more difficult to find what's right for you. Here at JFJ Flooring we specialise in the highest quality engineered wood flooring available today at prices that are unbeatable in comparison to like for like products.

The main advantage of an engineered wood floor is not only that it gives the beauty and character that you want from real wood flooring but also offers stability within the floor. All of our engineered wood flooring is built to a similar specification using a multi-laminate plywood undercore and the reason why we do this is simple. Because it works. We have found that with a multi-laminate plywood undercore and a single top layer of thick, solid wood you get all the beauty that you could want from your real wood floor along with the stability that you would expect from a quality engineered product.

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Engineered Oak Flooring......click here

Engineered Wood Flooring

Here at JFJ Flooring we specialise is European Oak flooring. We have been distributing our engineered Oak flooring for a number of years and our Supreme range has been by far our best selling product. Oak brings a natural timeless beauty to your home and is an extremely popular choice of wood flooring. To take a look at our engineered Oak flooring range please click here

Engineered Walnut Flooring.....click here

We have now also increased our engineered wood flooring range due to continuous demands from our customers and flooring contractors to supply an engineered Walnut flooring made to the same high specification as our proven Supreme engineered Oak flooring range. This flooring is in a class of its own, providing a true feeling of luxury and class. Walnut is an absolutely stunning wood for flooring which gives a deep, rich colour with a beautiful decorative grain. For more information on this product please click here.


An engineered wood floor has several benefits:- For more information on this please visit our Advantages of engineered wood flooring article

In brief the Main Benefits are:

-A very stable product that has much less movement then a solid wood floor.

-The top layer of wood, on top of the plywood, is all you can see once the floor is laid, giving the beauty that you would expect from a real wooden floor.

-Our engineered wood flooring provides a much more stable product for under floor heating systems, which have become very popular.

-Our engineered wood flooring all have a thick, solid top surface of wood, meaning the flooring will wear and last for many years. Our 'Supreme' range of engineered wood flooring has a 5-6mm wear layer, the same a traditional solid wooden floor.

-The 21 mm thick board is far stronger than the solid oak board, not only because of its thickness, but also because of the multi laminate plywood. Plywood is about the strongest timber material you can utilise within the flooring for this requirement.

-Engineered wood flooring is much more environmentally friendly. The plywood is made up of fast growing softwoods, which are plentiful, thus using up far less of our valued solid oak that has taken hundreds of years to grow.

-A much faster floor to lay as you are using longer and wider boards which are machined extremely accurately, making it more cost effective.

-Many of our clients will say that the flooring looks far better with a longer, wider board and that it does not move like a solid oak floor can.

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